The beginning of The GrassVan

This is the original! The one and only:


The GrassVan!


The GrassVan is our rolling home and campervan since two years now. We bought this beauty 2014 in Perth, Australia, but what happened before? How did we get there?


Everything started in July 2011 when Carolin and Tobias started to travel around the world. In the beginning the plan was set up for one or two years, maybe three, but that we are on the road since almost five years we haven´t dreamed of. After we left Germany, we traveled via Russia, China, Nepal till India all by land, afterwards we flew to Sri Lanka and Burma till we reached Australia. Here we became parents and now we are even more happy to travel with our son Max.


In Australia its quite popular to buy one of the wide ranged offers of campervans. We also had several different ones before Max was born but we were now three we needed a new one, one where Max can fit in the back as the legally way to drive Max around (in his child seat) is when he sits in the back. So we didn´t had a long list of spoiled expectations of what we like to drive around in the future as a family but what happened next is the highlight of our vehicle history.

Would you ever imagine to see something like that online? What is it? Aaaaah ok a Toyota Hiace 1985 completely covered in astroterf of course, but who is doing that?

We loved it straight away, after we saw the advertisement on Gumtree (popular Australian car search website). And what fantastic feature it comes with. 5 seater, pop up roof, cooking place, a sink and yes a fridge and a television and and and. The list was long, also the list of mechanical services, so everything sounded fabulous. We haven´t been the only one who looked amazed on their screen with wide opened eyes, still not sure if this is true or not. We were number 1.346 on the visitors list. Actually that was a bit depressive as we already completely fall in love with this van and than later we have to listen to the voice which says: "Its already sold, sorry mate but you are too late." We already trained ourselves with the (to be honest we never thought about that the van is still available with this number of visitors) negative answer of the coming up phone call with the owner of this grass van.


"It is not sold yet and still here", he said. So to be number 1.346 is not to bad at all.


This is the beginning of us and a grassy van in Australia. Three month later we hit the road and drove several kilometres to Melbourne. Our first road trip as a family and with this special van. With a short six month break in New Zealand we continued our trip to Sydney.


Here we decided to ship it to Malaysia. When we write this down it sounds pretty simple but of course it is a tough decision. We already traveled four years by than and we thought we had several options in our head but at the end we listened to our heart. If we wouldn´t have bought the van, this story wouldn´t be written.


This is the beginning of a "The GrassVan" which started in Georgetown, Malaysia. We could also call it faith but maybe its something else. We like to say its travel experience, it´s our way to travel, our way to connect.


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