The GrassVan VIP´s - Very Important People

For wonderful products you need wonderful partner!

That´s why we like to introduce you to our Very Important People without whom neither our brand "The GrassVan"

nor our products would exist. 

Who is behind our products?

Family Kang alias Sherylin and Sam, Isabelle and Adam were our most important part in our George Town history. They have been our power station for the first 2 months. Here we could play out our cards of inspiration and creativity. Our safe house without we would not be were we are now. Thanks for your true hospitality and so much more. You are inspiring and we are proud for your friendship.


The Foundation of The GrassVan - Support - Creative Centre for Minds

- Accommodation - Activity -


Here comes our one and only Mr. HannSen. He gave us the initial spark for our Travel Shop! Without him we wouldn´t be able to offer you our wide range of natural Body Oils, our awesome Lemon + Mint Balm and our undiscribable - now ten seconds of silence - Body scrub. Beside this, HannSen is for us the BEST breakdancer of Malaysia. You are wonderful and now an important part of our life.

Thanks for your hard work and your faith and support in this project.


 Initial Spark - Mentor - Support - Friend

- Body Oils - Lemon&Mint Balm - Body Scrub -

Neon Noktah alias Farid is our man for the design of the shirt. We met him on the crafts market where we fall in love with his creativity and interpretation of the iconic George Town skyscraper, so called Komtar and of his Penang ferry design. Since than we worked together and we created this wonderful T-Shirt of "The GrassVan".


Designer - Talent - Man with a big Heart

- T-Shirt -

Mr. Weillin Tan, our "Iron Man" of Malaysia, is the person in charge for our prints, more prints and even more special prints. As you have to get used to wrong prints in Asia, he is our rescue pole to get it done somehow. We are very happy that he found us to solve all the problems and all our special needs.


  Trustful Printer - Support - Juggler of many Changes - Big Heart

- Labels -



Special hands soaps are developed and produced by the Stepping Stone Work Centre. Managed by the Asia Community Service the center offers a platform for members with intellectual disabilities to explore their creativity and develop their hidden talents. Proceeds from sales of these soap are channeled to the members as monthly wages.


Talented Centre of Special People - Wonderful People - Great Vision

- Peppermint&Basil Soap -



Ee-Wei Lim and his team created the animated movie. Hatchtag production made our dream come true and together with Ee-Wei we were able to find the right balance between personal and professional input in a certain time. To cut down five years travelling to a essential mix made it a big challenge but together we were able to create this memorizing movie about our travels and their unexpected happenings. We can´t thank you to often for your passion for our wishes in precisenesses and our (sometimes) daily changes. It was worth everything. Well done.


Movie Maker - Great Communication - Fast & Excellent Work

- Movie Animation -