Welcome to a unique Traveller Shop

 This is the beginning of "The GrassVan" and our epic journey from Australia to Germany.

The GrassVan Project


Combines the travel and life experience of a world traveling family with the knowledge and skills of various people with different cultural backgrounds. Together with wonderful locals we meet on our way back home to Germany we are able to produce those wonderful products which you can purchase in our SHOP


The unique thing about us is that we are generating our clever products for our Travel Shop while we are on our big trip by connecting, interacting and exchanging with like-minded people. We set up this travel shop to share a piece of the world with you.



 Support us, charities and locals around the world.



Along our journey we meet inspiring and wonderful people who do a great job and effort in making the world a better place. We support and help wherever we can.


In the pictures above we show you Janine and Dodi´s "CARE NOW - Project": The mission is to say no to plastic, reduce garbage and keep the environment clean and green. To increase the awareness of the locals for their impact on the nature they use 5% of their own income to make reusable cotton bags which they hand out for free to their fellow locals in Sumatra, Indonesia.

We support CARE NOW with free logo design, informative texts about their project and financial funds.

Soon you can read more about the other charities we are supporting.


The GrassVan Project

The GrassVan

We have many good ideas that can´t wait to get transferred into reality. To make them come true we use most of the income your money creates.

We are following our passion to grow a very human website with wonderful products we love to create. So on our long list are things like a wonderfully illustrated children´s book,  a book cooperation with and from fellow travellers, clever and cute toys and much, much more.


We cannot emphasize enough how much we love to interact with people and use the power of united cultures.


The GrassVan products are inspirational, creative, useful, smart, tell you a story and are designed and made of human beings like you.


It is our philosophy to collaborate and integrate locals from all over the world into "The GrassVan - Project". Our aim is to create new structures of small human cooperations. For us it is important to support fair working conditions, fair salaries and local businesses worldwide.


Being a long-term traveller, touring around in our very own The GrassVan, gives us the great chance to meet the right people with smart ideas and great skills all over the world. It´s our passion, flexibility and open-mindedness to realize when we find a hidden gem to transform it into a new:


"The GrassVan - product".


Above you can see a small selection of locals from around the world with whom we are working together.


Thank You for your interest and your curiosity looking up this unique website. You already recognize that this is so much different to anything else you have seen before. 


With our project we are able to do something complete different and that´s "only" because we met the right person on our journey. This website is about the people like you and us, about people we meet on our journey and the passion which comes along with our enthusiasm to connect each other. 


Our designed products are there to share them with you, to send you a piece out of the world. The GrassVan - products are for everybody, for yourself, your friends or your beloved ones. A product with a heart and a story, something you can´t find anywhere else. It´s not just a way to fund this amazing trip back from Australia to Germany, it´s our dream to share this story with you.


Of course you - might - think: "I can find those products in the next super market".


Our products don´t speak the language of money or mass production and that you simply grab a product from the shelf, it´s about a family and their

journey around the world.


We live our dream with you.


This is our story