Wraparound Skirt + Poncho + Hoodie = Skoncho


It´s better than Kinder Surprise since you get not only fun, excitement and something to play with, but also thumbs up from the fashionistas!

It´s a 4-in-1-piece and the features of our newest sensational creation - The GrassVan Skoncho - will blow you away!


 Let´s get started. Hold yourself: - 3 - 2 - 1 - GO!



1. You can wear this fantastic skirt inside out


Imagine you get a phone call from your friends who have a free ticket left for the next Mozart performance at the Sydney Opera House. You don´t have enough time to change your outfit, but luckily you wear our The GrassVan Skoncho. From the funky blue hip lady you can easily turn yourself into the new elegant woman who is ready for this special night and show off in her little black beauty.



2. No more tangling up in too long straps: 4 buttons - 4 sizes:  S - M - L -XL 


From now on there is no need to hold in your stomach after you had an indulging feast in chocolate the night before or your favourite Italian restaurant was too tempting and you couldn´t resist to have it all: Pizza, red wine, tiramisu... You simply take the next button and no one will notice...

It also works the other way around, when you did your daily exercise routine and have finally reached your goal: Your perfect body weight. First of all, Congratulations! You look awesome in your "new" skirt - now even better!

Our Skoncho is the must-have for mums-to-be! The days of searching for the perfect garment are over. The skirt supports you in this whole time by tenderly wrapping your growing baby belly and pampering your sensitive skin with this soft and cozy jersey cotton. The good thing is that your favourite skirt will stay loyal even after birth when you shed the pounds.



3.  Use your Imagination


You can unleash your inner creativity beast and let it run wild by using the different buttons and the two sides of your Skoncho to play around and wear it every day a little bit different.



4. Extra Storage! Two pockets - one on each side


Perfect if you like to look cool and flash at the bus station or to store your mobile phone, keys and some loose change for your morning coffee around the corner. Just in case you are on a concert and need a secret stash for your tampons and a safe place for some extra money you can use the second pocket which is hidden by the overlapping fabric of the wraparound skirt.



5. Let´s get to the poncho and hoodie!


You can perform real fashion prodigies with your new secret weapon out of the wardrobe... When it´s cold and you need something to snuggle in and keep yourself warm you simply wrap our Skoncho around your shoulders instead of your hips. And if this is not enough you can use it as a hoodie to protect yourself from wind, sun or light rain.  No matter what styling you prefer you will always blow the other´s away with your new amazing outfit.


 6. Soft + Cozy


We only use super soft and smooth cotton jersey of best quality which is lovely to wear in both: hot or cold weather conditions. We take remnant fabrics from big fashion brands which would normally end up as garbage. Our The GrassVan-Skoncho as well as our Fisherman´s pants are both made by an awesome local clothes label in Cambodia which fulfills the highest criteria in ethical working conditions. They exclusively manufacture the Skoncho after our design and we are very proud to cooperate with them. Besides their awesome fair employment attitudes they also support a local school.  It´s a company with a big heart like us!


Are you ready for this life changing skirt?



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Carolin shows you how it really looks like