Fisherman´s Pants


Made in Cambodia


Those high quality and cool pants are available in three magnificent colours - Green - Dark Blue - Grey

You have a large pocket on the right side, as well as a secret zipper pocket for money, Iphone/Ipod or keys.

Our tag in the back of the pants functioned as a holder to hang your pants on the right hook.


There are TWO different ways, how to wear those Fisherman´s Pants.


1. The Easy Rider


Therefore you pull up the pants till your pelvis, fold the right part on the middle height inside against to your belly button and flip the left side over the right layer.

Now close this system up with the strings from the back and tie it together with a loop. Afterwards you fold down the upper part (called the Krama) over the strings.


Well done!


2. The Elegant Way


Pull up your Fisherman´s Pants till the garment touches your crouch and follow the procedure of the Easy Rider style.




44,00 €

  • Available - auf Lager
  • As soon as we see the first post office1

- Clothing Creating Change -


Our Fisherman´s pants are made from locally sourced recycled fabric remnants and produced for us at the Dorsu workshop in Kampot, Cambodia. Those wonderful pants:

  • provides fair employment and training for women
  • provides fair salary, sick leave and paid holidays
  • it´s an ethical/moral clothing product
  • funds community education at Chumkriel Language School
  • strengthen and support the Fashion Revolution

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