Rose + Salt - Natural Body Scrub - 175 gramm

nourishing detoxifying for body & face


Australia - Outback. Sand, kangoroos, heat, kilometers of loneliness. You fight yourself bit for bit through deep potholes and the dirt road with your old campervan. Your skin is longing for tenderness as it already has a feel like snake skin and you wish yourself into an amazing 5 star resort on Fraser Island to get spoilt rotten. While dreaming away a big tree trunk lying across your way jolts you out of your daydream. Now you really feel “down under“. Three days too late and with the last drop of water you finally arrive at your backpacker hostel.  

First thing after checking in is that you get your own little private feelgood factor:
„Skin like Max“ out of your backpack and disappear under the hot shower. With every grain of salt that touches your skin you wash away the pain and exertions of the last week. The natural rose oil unifies with your skin and you shine in new splendour. Your skin is radiating and you feel relaxed and satisfied like a newborn baby, Happily and content you slip under the covers to get a good nights sleep.

Relaxed and reenergized you start into the next morning, ready for the next adventure.  


Produced in Penang, Malaysia.

Expiry Date: 1 year

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Comments: 2
  • #1

    Yin Wai (Tuesday, 05 April 2016 12:06)

    Hi Carolin and Tobias and gorgeous son Max, we met at Lebuh Armenian. Just wanted to tell you my sister absolutely love the body srub, and we are all in love with the scent it brings. Really wonderful. Thumbs up!

    Best wishes for the new journey on your business, and the excitement that await you three.


    Yin Wai

  • #2

    Chia Ai Yet (Tuesday, 26 April 2016 09:52)

    Fantastic is a word I think of when I use this scrub. Not only does it scrub and make my skin feel fresh, the oil makes the skin feel baby soft. There's no need to use any lotion or skin creme after using this scrub. Really love this.