The Icebreaker of Cambodia

We could watch them all day distributing their blocks of ice in and around the city. They drive with their little moto (= scooters) and their trailer from food stall to restaurant and sell their frosty gold. The sight of them is what helps us to cool down and reactivate our sleeping senses  at  temperatures over 40 degrees Celsius. Speaking bold words, we believe that without those icebreakers the town as well as the whole country wouldn´t work…


Every juice, coffee and even the tea, which you get most times for free, need this chilling to get drunk. Instead of a freezer you get the 5 kg of ice which saves the meat in the food stalls from overheating. The icebreakers, the good Samaritans of Cambodia, save us from the total failure by hacking the ice blocks with their little axes into small pieces. By the pure sight of it we want to get naked and take a bath in the ice to cool down our bodies.


We would be definitely lost without their daily service, especially at the moment with the hottest days of Cambodia since recording.

A big thank you for the refreshment!




A new Haircut in Cambodia?

manual hair trimmer - Cambodia

We are driving around the village with a scooter when a voice suddenly asks Tobi for a new haircut. The voice belongs to a man who looks out of a little shed – his hair salon.


Tobi doesn´t need to be asked twice. He parks and sits down on a chair which reminds me, Carolin, on a torture instrument from the early 19th century. The floor is covered with a „real hair carpet“, the colour is black, of course.


I make myself comfortable on a wooden bench under a tree on the village square with Max sleeping in my arms, observing the daily life of Cambodia.

Scooters are passing by, people do their shopping in the local shopping center, consisting out of little stalls and shacks combined in a rectangular concrete building. Behind us is a beauty salon, next to us a noisy construction site.


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The Stinker

Initially, we just wanted to drink an Iced Coffee, but that´s when we met Henner. Thank God for this because he is an amazing guy with a wonderful black humour. He is a German journalist and author and he uses his satiric skills to write texts peppered with his black humour. Those are the German books he has published so far: „ Das Kakerlaken – Rennen“ (The Cockroach Race - Tebbert Verlag), „Der Tanzneger“ (The Dancing Nigger - novum verlag) and „ Die letzte Erektion“ (The last Erection - Amazon Kindle E-Book).


 He also has a blog:


He allowed us to publish one of his short stories from his book „Das Kakerlaken-Rennen“  (The Cockroach Race) which I translated freely:



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Cambodia - The Beginning...

We are in Cambodia. The second border crossing with our van lies behind us and now we are on our way. On our way to where? Exactly, we are asking ourselves where we want to go and decide to simply drive to the countryside to see something green which shouldn´t be too hard for a GrassVan.


The first few kilometers of Cambodia are not really catching our interest. One reason might be the border crossing where they asked more money from us than they should have. After a little research of ourselves we find out that Cambodia is one of the world´s leading most corrupt countries. It stands on place 160 of 177 and place number 1 is the less corrupt one… So there are some improvement possibilities...

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Thailand – A happy Friendship

Traditional Thai Wedding Couple, Koh Samui
Traditional Thai Wedding Couple, Koh Samui

The GrassVan and Thailand – that sounds really great... We have a lot of time for this country and the feeling that nobody is stressing us. We will start more relaxed after all the hard work in Cambodia. Our main attractions will be Max and our homepage, not so many attractions.


We already told you about our first products which we sell online and out of our The GrassVan. Our aim is to create more exciting products for you in every country we visit. That sounds much easier than it is in reality. A trip like this needs a lot of support to make it all happen. Traveling with a baby, starting up an own business and supporting locals and charities at the same time takes up our passion and effort. The good news about it is that you can help us

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The new look of our website is almost finish

The GrassVan´s little brother on the beach

Hi everybody! A few people have waited for this moment. Here we go - a new post on what we are doing right now:

The GrassVan is relaxing at the beach and is looking for new friends to start new projects - the family is busy and he is getting brown grass.

In one/two weeks we will put a new project online to share with you.

At the moment it is quite serious so we cannot tell you too much, but as always have a chat with your friends about us and our journey and in the meanwhile we hurry up. :)


The GrassVan Family is busy


Life in a Van vs. Life in a Room

The GrassVan´s little brother in Thailand

The GrassVan is in Thailand. The chapter of Malaysia lies definitely behind us. We had a wonderful time there and are grateful for every single day we had - especially for the time in George Town. In retrospect we have been working really hard as we started our own business which alone would have been enough work for a whole day. At the same time we helped starting up „ My Armenian Café“ and run it which means that we worked countless hours in different positions as interior architect, graphic designer, manager, barista, waiter, chef, marketing person etc. Within three months we put all our effort and heart in those two projects, but we already wrote about this here.  


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Thailand is calling

The incredible chapter of Malaysia is closed for now. We are personally not present anymore, but our heart is there all the time. We still radio our online orders through as our friends - our hero´s of Georgetown - help operating the online shop from there.


In the next days we will present you the first payment for the school in Nepal. We reached a wonderful amount which already is a statement as we started our "The GrassVan Project" just two month ago. With your purchase and the believe in this project we are able to fund more. We are also working on new products in the meantime, so stay tuned.


Our last day at the "HinBus Depot" couldn´t be better!

The GrassVan with Breakdancer HannSen at the HinBus Depot

Today was our last day at the incredible HinBus Depot Pop-Up market! Its time to celebrate. Our first market with our own products. It was fantastic, thanks to all of you who loved our products and to the HinBus friends: Thanks for your support. You are all so talented and your products are awesome! Keep going....Special thanks goes to Mr.Tan who is making all this happen and without him this spot wouldn´t exist. This is our most favorite landmark in George Town.


Check it out. Every Sunday 11 am to 5 pm, near the Gamma Department Store. 


Donation to the Phujel School Project

Donation for Phujel School - Nepal
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The GrassVan - Transformation


The country that shook

The country that shook - children book

Today we met Sophie. Sophie is from the UK and she was one of many who experienced the shocking results of the Nepalese earthquake on 25.04.2015.

As a foreigner it might be easy to digest that traumatic experience as we are able to leave the country fast enough, but still, it is a decisive turning point in everybody´s life. So, instead of going back into the routine of daily life to recover from the psychiatric wounds Sophie decided to get active.


This is the result: A children book about this Nepalese earthquake and her point of view. All the donation goes directly back to Nepal, to the people who suffer the most.

The country that shook


My Armenian Café - George Town

Picture wall for the "My Armenian Café" made by "The GrassVan" - Carolin Feneis and Ellen Heinrich

This is a text about our time in the „My Armenian Café“. This café lies in the heart of George Town, a city with a creative and exciting atmosphere.



You definitely need to be lucky to find a job in George Town and we have been very lucky. It all started in October 2013 , two years ago, when Tobi was for a few weeks in Malaysia on his own due to a visa reasons. Back then he was couchsurfing with the best Couchsurfing family we know: Sherylin, Sam and their kids Isabell and Adam.


One fine day, Tobi was strolling through the streets when he passed a gallery. Attracted by a picture, Tobi entered the store and had a conversation with the gallery owner. It took them


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Hin Bus Depot Market, Georgetown, Malaysia

A new day at the market. Our third time already and we can tell you, today was the "most sold day" of all the days we ever had.


We are very happy about the wonderful feedback for all our products and about the fun we bring along with our appearance. You don´t see a GrassVan Family every day, isn´t it?