Lemon + Mint - Natural Balm - 7.5 gramm

eases headache relieves itchy mosquito bites helps with many more things


It is the start of autumn in Russia. You are on a ferry on the way to the island Olkhon on the Lake Baikal. By the time the ferry lands you get in touch with the boatsman who invites you to his home. Following an old russian tradition you seal your new friendship with vodka in the banja, a Russian sauna, and later also with some of his friends.
The very next morning you wake up with a hangover from all the vodka, a sore throat from singing along with your new Russian friends and sore muscles from all the dancing...

Thank god, you took our secret weapon, the natural lemon+mint balm with you which helps you to get rid of your aching body parts in no time. Your new friends are very impressed when you return like nothing has happened. To show your gratitude for the wonderful evening you give your new friend Yuri the balm as a gift who is absolutely happy. ;-)


Produced in Penang, Malaysia.

Expiry Date: 1 year

6,50 €

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