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Quality, Devotion and a lot of Love.

Those are the most important ingredients for our amazing products - products with a story behind. Each single item gets created while travelling around the world. We have them with us on board and sell them out of - The GrassVan - or send them from all around the world directly home to you.




As long-time travellers you have to find ways to survive and to earn your dream to be able to travel. In the modern society there are few opportunities to travel and work, mainly if you are a computer expert who is able to design websites or simply a brilliant IT expert.


That means, you hide behind your computer to earn some money online to be able to travel the other time.


We are a bit different with our project. We love to work with people, to create something, to exchange, to interact, to challenge each other. With our online shop we made it possible to find this new way to travel with our products and to sell them wherever we are. With this travel money we are able to support different charities and to give it back to the people. Don´t get us wrong - we are not rich - we are living our dream which became even more exciting with this project - our passion got even more hocked up. With your help we are able to do something different.

With you we can start something new, something special. Our products are made with lots of travel-love while we are travelling, while on the road. Every product tells their own story, how we got to this product and so with every local we connect stronger. This is our way to connect the world in a different and very exciting way.


Let´s give you a small summary how everything started!


Our plan was to "just" drive our GrassVan from Australia to Germany. After we arrived in George Town, Malaysia, the first country after we shipped the GrassVan of the Australian shore, we met HannSen. He is a therapist for Traditional Chinese Medicine and his mum is a doctor and chemist.

Together they have a Chinese Therapy practice in George Town, Malaysia, where Tobi made an internship and a qualified training in "Cupping and Gua Sha - Treatments". They use high quality oils and cremes for their therapies which they manufacture professionally by themselves in their own factory to the highest Malaysian standards. This was the initial spark because as longer we talked as more active we got and we all had faith in this project.


Would it be possible to set up our own business while travelling?


The rest is history. The GrassVan is now a registered company in Malaysia and the first world travelling (online-) shop. We started with an own product range of 100% natural skin care products, such as body oils, a scrub and a balm, produced to our requests and high German quality demands. HannSen manufactures our products exclusively for us and uses the best ingredients you can find. Thereby we are happy that we can rely and trust in his many years of experience in Chinese Medicine and his knowledge in the production of natural oils and in his honesty.


Without HannSen and his mom and their incredible commitment - The GrassVan - and the first products would not exist.


- Yes! It is possible -



The GrassVan Family says Thank You

for your support!

A new journey has begun - Be a part of it!