The Icebreaker of Cambodia

We could watch them all day distributing their blocks of ice in and around the city. They drive with their little moto (= scooters) and their trailer from food stall to restaurant and sell their frosty gold. The sight of them is what helps us to cool down and reactivate our sleeping senses  at  temperatures over 40 degrees Celsius. Speaking bold words, we believe that without those icebreakers the town as well as the whole country wouldn´t work…


Every juice, coffee and even the tea, which you get most times for free, need this chilling to get drunk. Instead of a freezer you get the 5 kg of ice which saves the meat in the food stalls from overheating. The icebreakers, the good Samaritans of Cambodia, save us from the total failure by hacking the ice blocks with their little axes into small pieces. By the pure sight of it we want to get naked and take a bath in the ice to cool down our bodies.


We would be definitely lost without their daily service, especially at the moment with the hottest days of Cambodia since recording.

A big thank you for the refreshment!



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