The Stinker

Initially, we just wanted to drink an Iced Coffee, but that´s when we met Henner. Thank God for this because he is an amazing guy with a wonderful black humour. He is a German journalist and author and he uses his satiric skills to write texts peppered with his black humour. Those are the German books he has published so far: „ Das Kakerlaken – Rennen“ (The Cockroach Race - Tebbert Verlag), „Der Tanzneger“ (The Dancing Nigger - novum verlag) and „ Die letzte Erektion“ (The last Erection - Amazon Kindle E-Book).


 He also has a blog:


He allowed us to publish one of his short stories from his book „Das Kakerlaken-Rennen“  (The Cockroach Race) which I translated freely:



 The Stinker by Henner Gramsch


1973 Guatemala


Monsoon season in Central America. It´s pouring down for days, but our junker on four wheels stays dry. Umbrellas are seldom in this region therefore big palm leaves are in trend. They are growing for free along the rainforest road. Necessity is the mother of invention.


The air outside and in the car is close. Somewhere, somewhen a bearded tramp is standing next to the Panamericana – he looks like a wet dog and he smells like it. He comes from Detroit. 6 months long he was slaving day and night in Canada´s forests as a tree feller. It lasted for two years of traveling.


Now, one dollar is left in his pocket. Enough for another week and longer, so his saying. The good Joey is modest. He always finds accommodation on the longest street of the world. The poor people share their huts and bread with him and are happy for every cent he gives. After that?


„Technically I should start working again“, he says as farewell „but I really don´t have time for it. Life is too beautiful.“


We had a philosopher on board. What does it matter when he stinks…


 You want to read more? Here is Henners Blog.

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    Shuang Yan (Tuesday, 18 October 2016 04:14)

    Nice to meet your family at Angkor Wat, cool grassvan project :)