Thailand – A happy Friendship

Traditional Thai Wedding Couple, Koh Samui
Traditional Thai Wedding Couple, Koh Samui

The GrassVan and Thailand – that sounds really great... We have a lot of time for this country and the feeling that nobody is stressing us. We will start more relaxed after all the hard work in Cambodia. Our main attractions will be Max and our homepage, not so many attractions.


We already told you about our first products which we sell online and out of our The GrassVan. Our aim is to create more exciting products for you in every country we visit. That sounds much easier than it is in reality. A trip like this needs a lot of support to make it all happen. Traveling with a baby, starting up an own business and supporting locals and charities at the same time takes up our passion and effort. The good news about it is that you can help us

by spreading the word about what we are doing, getting in contact with us if you have some great ideas for projects, and the easiest way to support us:


Buy our products and you will support us, locals and charities – all in one. ;-)


It is a unique world traveling (online-)shop and we guess the first one of its kind. We want to connect the people and bring them and their cultures together by exchanging our knowledge, skills and talents to start up awesome products and projects. There are a few interesting charities we support - all of them we know in person - that way we can testify that the support goes directly to them and get used in the right places.


Although we are spending most of our time for our „The GrassVan“- Project we still find enough of it to discover the country. I mean, what would be a world trip without seeing it?


On the picture above you see a temple on Koh Samui, one of Thailand´s most famous islands. The couple are a newly wed Thai bride and groom who wanted to be a part of our personal photo shooting ;-) You can find those kind of temples all over Thailand. That makes it easier for us to divide our time between leisure time and work.


Another thing is that our van needs a proper check. Luckily, we are in Thailand and so it should be easy to get spare parts as we are in Asia and have a Toyota Hiace. Well, we find out that it is not that easy as they declare our car more or less as a driving „pile of junk“. We realize that in Thailand are just modern cars driving around, but we find the right car workshop who is willing and - even more important - able to fix some of the ailments our Oldtimer has developed over the time. After a few days, The GrassVan is ready for many thousands kilometers more.


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