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Donation for Phujel School - Nepal

* This is a big THANK YOU to all of you *



We want to make an impact. Together and for each other and that already while heading back home. Although we are not rich in a materialistic way, we have many more important things like having each other, our health, our rolling home and our talent to find work all over the world. Therefore we have a much better life than many other people on this planet. The good thing is that we are totally aware of this fact and that is the source where we find our faith to live our dream – a life less ordinary. For us it is very important to support others and bring the people together no matter what cultural background they have. That is the main philosophy of our „The GrassVan“ project. We fulfill these points by collaborating and cooperating with people from all around the world with different cultural and sophisticated backgrounds to create really good products as well as start amazing projects of all kind. That way we can support locals and charities we know in person as well as finance our trip back home. You can find the progress and results here on our website.



One of the charities we support is the Phujel School in Nepal. It is located in a little mountain village near Gorkha. We met Nina and Jacob, the founders oft he school, 2011 while traveling through Nepal. Since that time we are very active in supporting them financially. Although we have a tight and very low travel budget we are proud to tell you that we still manage to support them.



You might be curious now why we decided to support this school. Here is the reason: Thanks to our parents and our good school education we are able to live our dream. Without that knowledge and open-minded background we wouldn´t be the people we are now. That´s why it is very important for us to support others to enable them to have the same opportunities like us to be able to also live their dream one day. Thus we give a part of each product we sell directly to the school. The fact that we know them in person helps us to follow what is happening with the money and keep you updated about this. We plan to make a stop there on our way back to help rebuilding the school. Momentarily, they use the money for a new foundation. Let´s see how far they are with the construction work when we arrive there.   



If you also want to become more active and more involved into the Phujel School than please feel free to contact us and we will help you to connect you with the right people.



We thank you very much for your support by buying our products and spread out the word about us and The GrassVan Project.




Thanks to "The GrassVan Project"
This letter was sent by Jacob from The Phujel School Project to everybody who enjoys our products. Thanks guys.
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