Life in a Van vs. Life in a Room

The GrassVan´s little brother in Thailand

The GrassVan is in Thailand. The chapter of Malaysia lies definitely behind us. We had a wonderful time there and are grateful for every single day we had - especially for the time in George Town. In retrospect we have been working really hard as we started our own business which alone would have been enough work for a whole day. At the same time we helped starting up „ My Armenian Café“ and run it which means that we worked countless hours in different positions as interior architect, graphic designer, manager, barista, waiter, chef, marketing person etc. Within three months we put all our effort and heart in those two projects, but we already wrote about this here.  


Today we want to tell you about the differences of living in a van and living in a room. The time in Georgetown and the fact of being in one place for a little while helped us to re-energize and start through. It helped us to have a place where we could spread out. Our room was not ernomously large (around 12 -15m²), but in comparison to the usual 5 m² in the van where we are forced to change back the setting every day when we continue our trip it felt heavenly spacious. We even had an air condition in our room which was pure luxury. Normally, we prefer to avoid those environmentally unfriendly solutions, but in a place like George Town it is a huge benefit to have one. In our bus we often sleep with all our doors and windows open, just surrounded by a mosquito net to avoid sweating ourselves to death…


As our room had no window we could sleep really good without being woken up by the sunlight which can be very good after staying up nearly all night working before getting a few hours of sleep.



Even little daily-life routines were much easier like e.g. making breakfast as we simply could use a fridge, stock up on some basic foods like oats, fruits, milk, butter and jam to make ourselves some nice breakfast. You might start to wonder now if we don´t have a fridge in our van… Well, yes there is one, but we hardly used it as we would have to run it the whole time, even while standing to have it really cool. As we prefer to camp somewhere in the nature where we have no access to power it´s useless to say that it doesn´t make sense for us. An alternative would be to run it on a gas which would be expensive with the time and also not very environmentally friendly. We decided to buy some things fresh, just before cooking and use the fridge in our van as a shoe cabinet instead.



All this normal routine was very precious for us and every time we pack our things to continue our trip we appreciate it even more.



One of the biggest advantages for us was the fact that we could invite friends. We are very social and love to have a convivial evening, meet up with friends, etc.



While living in our van the evenings look all more or less the same. Max is tired and goes to sleep around 7-8 pm and that means that we will also go to bed early. Maybe we read a book with our headlight or quietly watch a movie on our laptop with earphones in to not disturb his sleep – but even those little things are not so easy on 3m²  as Max usually takes up two third of the space of our bed…spread out like Jesus on the cross.


During our time at the „My Armenian Café“ we met many people with whom we went out for dinner or visited one of George Town´s many festivals together.  



One thing we enjoyed most while being in George Town was that we were able to live out our talents and use our skills for all the new projects we did. The city helped us to start through and therefore changed us a lot.



After those four months of hard work we start a new chapter with new adventures.  It´s time to say goodbye and move on. It seems like this time it´s much harder for us than usually – maybe because so many things happened and we also started our here. We are proud of what we have managed to mount and leave with a grateful feeling. We are ready for the new adventures that will come.


One thing is for sure: Traveling can be magical, wonderful, inspiring, exhausting and sad all at the same time…

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