Welcome to The GrassVan Project


This is about our epic journey as a family from Australia to Germany in a 31 year old Toyota Hiace Campervan covered in Astro Turf and about our products with their story behind which we sell directly out of our van and online.

Produced by

HatchTag Productions

Penang, Malaysia

Welcome to Iran

We finally reached Iran and got overwhelmed welcomed. The slogan: "Welcome to Iran" really let us feel like home. Its an undescribable hospitality we experienced from the first day and we are very much looking forward to tell you more.


In the meantime just have a look to this pictures


Our sensational ONLINE Shop got a new travel buddy!

The GrassVan Skoncho: Wraparound Skirt + Poncho + Hoodie

We made it! We had a photo shooting at Angkor Wat, Cambodia. One of the most important cultural heritage site in Asia and this with our spectacular new product. So you can imagine that the temples look pretty boring in comparison to our The GrassVan Skoncho - our new wonder weapon on the international fashion market. ;-) We don´t want to tell you too much, so have a look by yourself in our amazing Online-Shop.


A big THANK YOU to our Cambodian family and friends who made this photo shoot happening - especially to our great photographer Claire. Here you can check out her website.

- More exciting news -


Check out our cooperation with Janine and Dodi from Bukit Lawang, Sumatra.


Click here for more details.

Backyard Café Phnom Penh


We are in contact with this very special NGO who is doing many good things for the kids and locals over here. So we are excited to work together with them and to support each other.


HUSK Cambodia!

The Elephant Race

This is what could happen when you drive down from Cambodian´s capitol Phnom Penh to the romantic small town of Kampot in the south. Along the main highway number 3 we drove by this beautiful elephant. Everywhere around the modern world, they would be immediately a radio announcement of a wild elephant and the special troops would move closer to capture this beauty. Not so in Cambodia. We are giddy with excitement, specially Max is absolutely fascinated. This is spectacular and unbelievable and we are all so happy for this moment and this speechless memory. Thank You. One of many very thrilling moments of travelling...